Handled with Care
Your Shipment has spoken.
From coast to coast, across hills and borders, Khattab Shipping will traverse all to deliver your products to their destination. All your requirements have custom made solutions for a punctual delivery. Oversize and overweight movements, perishable products, fragile goods, all is done to deliver your product the way it was placed in the respective ship, plane, or truck, handled with care and accompanied from location A to location B.
Handled with Care
Air Freight
We take pride in being IATA’s top five agents in Lebanon, always guaranteeing fair pricing for our clients. Our high and tight worldwide connections and partnerships contribute to prompt solutions for all kinds of shipment. We benefit from our regular air consolidation services with strong links to various international hubs in Europe, Asia, and the US always aiding in cutting costs for our clientele.
Handled with Care
Sea Freight
We may not have our own vessels, but being around in the business for more than forty years has earned us very close ties to some of the finest International shipping lines, guaranteeing reliability to rhyme up to our clients’ trust, ensuring quick delivery on the first vessel or reefer available to transport cargo to the desired destination.
Handled with Care
Land Freight
Khattab Shipping has its own trucks capable of transporting your goods to cities in the Gulf and Middle Eastern region. Seeing that it is geographically centralized with great advantage to get your products to major cities in the area faster by land freight rather than any other kind of transport, Khattab Shipping guarantees that the client’s consignment arrives on time in great shape.
Handled with Care
Charter Service
We take your project into one of our ‘RESERVED JUST FOR YOU’ charters heading to your desired destination.
Why Khattab Shipping?
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Our area of expertise covers all means of transport and almost any part of the world
Our air freight service ranks top five on the renowned IATA scale