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Since 1971, Khattab Shipping has been grinding worldwide reputation by door to door product deliveries to any destination in the world. Your products have learnt to ride, sail, or fly first class with our top notch quality services in import and export, with particular expertise in Pharmaceutical and perishable products due to thermal control installed in our state of the art transporting facilities.

A family run establishment with highly skilled personnel and agents in every country has thrived to provide more and more customers with uttermost care and consideration to their satisfaction and happiness. By meticulously handling:
Customs clearance
Freight Forwarding
Distribution & Warehousing
Global Logistics Services
Multi Model Shipping & Cross Trade Shipments
Trucking services

What Floats Our Boat?
Khattab shipping has a goal set, and that is to reduce your workload and the expenses involved in the transport of your freight by following up with all shipment 24/7 online by means of cutting edge software and IT infrastructure designed with a system of top tracking and supply chain management. We monitor the shipment of your products with a click, and work with our customers transparently allowing you to view your shipment’s location and documentation. All you need to do is click on the “Track Your Shipment” icon.

Khattab Shipping strives to be your lighthouse in the Middle East and even abroad. With a highly skilled staff, agents all over the world, and uttermost professionalism in our work, we see a promising worldwide recognition as a high equivalent to the International Transportation Standards.

Customer satisfaction has always been what floats our boat. Our greed for more of your happiness as our client is what aids in maintaining our excellence in service provisions.
Why Khattab?
You must be wondering why we think you should let us handle your product deliveries. So since you asked, here is why:

- Khattab Shipping offers competitive freight rates for any port combination
   in the worldwide network.
- Our area of expertise covers all means of transport and almost any part of
   the world.
- Our air freight service ranks top five on the renowned IATA scale.
- We have agents worldwide to handle the shipments arriving and to run
   various errands on the spot.
- Our punctuality in delivering prompt customs clearance in Lebanon, setting
   a beacon of example to other companies in the field.
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